Custom Wedding Ceremonies by Life-Cycle Celebrant Leslie Schroeder

At the very heart of your wedding day is your ceremony and at the heart of the ceremony is you, the couple being married.  By asking questions and providing thoughtful suggestions I will create with you a ceremony which reflects your relationship. Working within the codified structure of a traditional wedding I specialize in creating or adapting elements to conduct substantial, meaningful, secular ceremonies. 

I believe deeply that the right ceremony, well preformed, does the amazing service of helping to convey the participants safely through a transformative life event. It can assist in making sense out of the changes, serve as words of guidance to look back on years later, and announces to your community of friends and family your new position. Together we can create the right ceremony for you- beautiful, funny, reverent, irreverent- or a bit of all off these. 

To be able to serve the participants well the content of the ceremony must resonate deeply with them, the order of elements must progress logically, and the language used must sing. Together we can make this happen!